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270 Strategies Launches ‘IMPACT Series’ with Showcase on Data Analytics

WASHINGTON, DC -- Grassroots consulting firm 270 Strategies today launched its "IMPACT Series" with a showcase on data analytics designed to help organizations improve and expand their reach on key issues and campaigns. Today’s event, "Expanding your data horizons: How information can boost your impact," brings together national and local campaign and advocacy organizations from across the region to learn about the latest tools and practices in data analytics.

"At 270 Strategies, we know that effective programs are grounded in data -- that’s why we’re sharing the best practices with a range of organizations that share our values and want to change the world," said Mark Beatty, a founding partner at 270 Strategies who leads the firm’s Data Analytics practice. "We’re thrilled to shine a light on some of the key data tactics used on President Obama’s 2012 campaign and with our clients to help meaningful causes achieve their goals."

Event attendees visited stations led by 270 Strategies’ data experts on topics including how to use data to set goals, using data reporting to tell your story, and how to track data and use it to grow an organization’s list of supporters. Participants gained an understanding of the fundamentals of data and analytics and learned tools and techniques that they can apply to their own organization’s programs.

"We are building a plan for 2014 and we thought today’s session with the data experts at 270 Strategies would be a great opportunity to help us develop more efficient and effective goals," said Daniel Rico, Senior Coordinator of Grants and Special Programs, Affiliate Member Services at the National Council of La Raza. "The IMPACT Series made us think about innovative ways to be more strategic in recognizing the value of data in achieving our goals."

"Effective organizations need to have the necessary resources to get the job done," said Liz McElwee, Resident Services Manager at the Arlington Partnership for Affodable Housing. "Today’s IMPACT Series at 270 Strategies informed us that through the use of data we can better convey to our benefactors and donors the progress were making towards concrete goals."

"Data analytics like the best practices we learned today can amplify our work and improve our effectiveness," said Monika Johnson, Youth Engagement Manager at the United Nations Association. "We know that if we use data smartly we can better invest in our resources and that will broaden the impact of our work."

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