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270 Strategies’ Marshall to lead community organizing workshop in Hungary

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Marlon Marshall, founding partner of Washington-based consulting firm 270 Strategies and the former Deputy National Field Director for President Obama’s successful re-election campaign will lead the first national trainings for “Together 2014” in Budapest, Hungary on June 8-9.

“Every statistic you could look at in the 2012 campaign showed that this was a race we shouldn’t have won,” Marshall said, “But we persevered and built the best grassroots operation in American politics. We won and we showed the world that grassroots organizing works. That kind of change knows no borders.”

Together 2014 is a coalition party formed in the Hungarian Parliament as the official opposition to conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government. The coalition brings together several different progressive political parties interested in organizing voters ahead of the parliamentary elections next year. Together 2014 is led by former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai.

Marshall will address an audience of more than two hundred campaign staffers about the tactics and strategies learnt from the past two American presidential elections and how to adapt them to the Hungarian political landscape. During a series of full-day trainings, he will offer local political staffers and volunteers a look into the “U.S. example,” the community organizing methods, campaign management strategy, and GOTV operations that propelled Barack Obama to a re-election victory in 2012.

“Relationships are so important,” Marshall added. “We were successful in 2012 because we were able to build teams of people who went out and talked to their neighbors.  All of that was built on relationships.  It's important for the staff too, and that’s what I’ll be working on in Hungary.”

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