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Clinton allies look to build tech advantage ahead of ‘16

Amie Parnes | The Hill, October 8, 2014

Hillary Clinton's allies are building a technological advantage for her prospective presidential campaign, meant to scare Democrats thinking about challenging her in a primary and intimidate Republicans who would oppose her in the general election.

It is an effort that allies -- including former digital gurus to President Obama's presidential campaigns -- say will far exceed the current president's campaign efforts, which broke new ground and relied heavily on digital platforms to fundraise as well as organize and mobilize supporters.

For example, when Ready for Hillary relaunched its website in March, it had help from 270 Strategies, a firm that employs a number of the players who executed Obama's digital strategy.

Betsy Hoover, a partner at 270 who served as director of digital organizing for the 2012 Obama campaign, said the response rate to the Ready for Hillary site has been "huge," and she said there's a "definite infrastructure in place that will be helpful to the Clinton campaign."

And while Hoover stopped shy of saying whether it would keep other Democrats out of a presidential primary, Thurman, who is not currently involved in any Clinton operation, said the former secretary of State is well ahead of other potential competitors; Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), he said, would come closest to having an online footprint.

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