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Obama Inc.: What businesses want to learn from the president’s campaign

The president raised a billion dollars for his reelection campaign, but the staffers who engineered his victory may be worth even more to corporations and other groups that are eager to unlock the trade secrets that made the Obama brand so successful.

“Everyone wants to know what the special sauce is,” says Holly Goulet, senior vice president of the American Program Bureau, a speakers bureau that has encountered rising interest from business groups in hearing from Obama alumni. “There’s been a blurring of the lines between politics and business now.”

“The idea is a lot of folks in the corporate world are looking to engage with their users or their customers and create meaningful relationships with them,” says Bird of his recently launched firm, 270 Strategies, which will also work with nonprofits, advocacy and public-interest groups. “What we’ll be doing with 270 — it transcends just politics.”

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