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We offer trainings on the best practices for grassroots organizing, digital strategy, effective communications, and using data to further our clients’ goals – and we work with clients to empower them to continue the trainings with their staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis.

Our trainings span the gamut of organizing topics. From email strategy to GOTV preparation, and from strategic communications to online-to-offline organizing, our programs are tailored to meet an organization’s specific needs and goals.

The Obama Campaign hired the first National Training Team electoral politics had ever seen.  That team trained thousands of staff members and tens of thousands of volunteers across the country to take ownership over their piece of the campaign and achieve shared strategic goals.

Using a similar training model, we offer our clients sessions that build capacity, improve core skill sets, and raise the level of excellence across their base.  Our training modules could be brief and ongoing or could last several days and happen on a one-time basis. We create unique training materials that are tailored to the client and address the specific challenges any organization is facing.

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