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Mark Beatty

Mark Beatty is a founding partner with 270 Strategies who served as Deputy Battleground States Director for the 2012 re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. In this role, he had primary responsibility for the election plans for each of the ten battleground states and managed the campaign's $150 million state program budget - the largest on record for any presidential campaign.

Mark has extensive experience in strategic planning and resource allocation and management, both in the United States and internationally. Since launching 270 Strategies, he has used these skills to help a range of campaigns, causes, and companies get off the ground and devised comprehensive strategies to help them grow - including Battleground Texas and Educators 4 Excellence.

Across both historic Obama campaigns, Mark led the post-mortem processes to evaluate best practices and lessons learned and capture the most effective strategies for future grassroots efforts. Following the President's Election Day victory, Mark oversaw the Obama Legacy Project and wrote a comprehensive campaign analysis of the 2012 election results, feedback from supporters and staff gathered through surveys and conference calls, and post-campaign reports from throughout the campaign team and the battleground states. Similarly, as part of the 2008 Post-Election Task Force, Mark helped distill lessons learned from the 2008 campaign to develop the initial program and plans for Organizing for America, the grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the President's policy initiatives.

Since attending the first Obama presidential rally in Chicago in 2007 and signing up as a volunteer shortly thereafter, Mark has been critical in laying the groundwork for several high-profile political operations in support of the President and has worked closely with both Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird on a number of efforts. As National Director of Special Projects for Organizing for America, he managed the organization's two-year, $21 million budget. After working as an organizer in Nevada, Kansas, Texas, and Indiana during the 2007-2008 primary election, Mark was recognized for his unique ability to use data to solve problems and found himself among the ten staffers assigned to the campaign's first "targeting team" during the general election season. As Deputy General Election Director in Ohio, he helped lead the team that delivered one of the most critical victories of Election Day 2008.

Mark earned a B.A. in Government from Harvard University and first cut his teeth using data and writing strategic plans as an Associate with the Boston Consulting Group.

He lives in Chicago, Illinois and goes running whenever the weather permits.

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