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Max Wood

Max Wood is a Project Manager with 270 Strategies. He worked most recently as the Software Development Manager at EverFi, where he and his team helped offer free, innovative digital learning software to needy schools.

Max previously served on both the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns across a number of roles, including as a Regional Field Director in Colorado and as a Deputy Data Director in Florida, where he implemented training and reporting innovations that brought significant returns on the ground.

Max holds a Masters of Science in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University, where he specialized in affordable housing policy and methods for forecasting near- and long-term changes in populations and economies. He is also an alumnus of the University of North Florida and New York University.

When he isn't triangulating database nodes to drive organizing breakthroughs, Max records music and eats doughnuts in his Washington, DC apartment.

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